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The Dakota Man The Dakota Man by Joan Hohl released on Sep ,is available now for purchase

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    I found it hilarious that the publishers gave this one really big margins and enlarged the font size so it took uppages It was part of a two in one bind up, and it was quite obvious that this one was shorter when you compared the two Just like it had less words, the story, plot, and characters suffered for the lack of time spent dwelling on the story It seemed almost like the author wasn t that int

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    I found it good for what it is a short afternoon read.

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About the Author: Joan Hohl

For as long as she can remember, Joan Hohl has always wanted to be a writer Her mother said Joan had her head in the clouds, always daydreaming The only thing was, Joan s daydreams had plots She is a popular U.S.American writer of over 60 romance novels since 1980 She also signed her novels as Paula Roberts and Amii Lorin