The Battle of New Market

The Battle of New MarketReprint of the 1975 Doubleday original n nOn May 15, 1864, at a little crossroads hamlet in Virginia, the fate of the Shenandoah Valley may have been decided and, with it, the ability of the Confederacy to survive in Virginia for another season n nThe Battle of New Market is the story of one of those

The Battle of Cedar Creek: Self-Guided Tour

The Battle of Cedar Creek: Self-Guided TourOn October 19, 1864, the last great battle of the Civil War in Virginia s Shenandoah Valley took place along Cedar Creek between the towns of Strasburg and Middletown Beginning with a brilliant Confederate surprise attack on Major General Philip Sheridan s Army of the Shenandoah but culminating in

The Burning: Sheridan's Devastation of the Shenandoah Valley

The Burning: Sheridan's Devastation of the Shenandoah ValleyGen U.S Grant s order to cripple the ability of the Shenandoah Valley to supply the CSA with food and fodder affected the civilian population as did no other act of war, including Sherman s march through Georgia Packed with the firsthand account of victims and perpetrators alike, this book brings

Shenandoah 1864: Sheridan’s valley campaign

Shenandoah 1864: Sheridan’s valley campaignVirginia s Shenandoah Valley in 1864 was the scene of one of the most crucial campaigns of the Civil War The outcome of the fighting there would have consequences that stretched far outside the valley to help decide the fate of the nation In 1864 the Union Army s new commander, Ulysses Grant, crea

Valley Thunder

Valley ThunderCharles R Knight s Valley Thunder is the first full length account in than three decades to examine the combat at New Market on May 15, 1864, the battle that opened the pivotal Shenandoah Valley Campaign, a strategically important and agriculturally abundant region that helped feed Gen Robert