The Heart of a Hero (Global Search and Rescue, #2)

The Heart of a Hero (Global Search and Rescue, #2)Rescuing Aria Sinclair is just what former SEAL Jake Silver needs in order to redeem his past mistakes Keeping her distance from Jake is what Aria needs to protect her heart As a hurricane turns paradise into peril, they must save themselves and others in this story of second chances and survival

At Love's Command (Hanger's Horsemen, #1)

At Love's Command (Hanger's Horsemen, #1)Ex cavalry officer Matthew Hanger leads a band of mercenaries who defend the innocent, but when a rustler s bullet leaves one of them at death s door, they seek out help from Dr Josephine Burkett When Josephine s brother is abducted and she is caught in the crossfire, Matthew may have to sacrifice

A Gilded Lady (Hope and Glory, #2)

A Gilded Lady (Hope and Glory, #2)Caroline Delacroix is at the pinnacle of Washington high society in her role as secretary to the First Lady of the United States But beneath the facade of her beauty, glamorous wardrobe, and dazzling personality, she s hiding a terrible secret If she cannot untangle a web of foreign espionage, her

A Reckless Love (Daughtry House, #3)

A Reckless Love (Daughtry House, #3)On the trail of an elusive enemy, cynical, war damaged lawman Zane Sager crosses paths once with Aurora Daughtry, the vivacious Mississippi belle he once admired from a distance As his defenses start to crumble, the criminal he s been pursuing reminds him that that no one he loves is safe Eve

The Crushing Depths (Coastal Guardians, #2)

The Crushing Depths (Coastal Guardians, #2)They know the power and peril of the ocean nBut as they get closer to the deadly truth nAn even greater danger lurks just beneath the surface n nWhen an accident claims the life of an oil rig worker, Coast Guard Investigators Rissi Dawson and Mason Rogers are flown to the scene thirty eight mile

A Bride of Convenience (The Bride Ships, #3)

A Bride of Convenience (The Bride Ships, #3)Upon discovering an abandoned baby, Pastor Abe Merivale joins efforts with Zoe Hart, one of the newly arrived bride ship women, to care for the infant With mounting pressure to find the baby a home, Abe offers his hand as Zoe s groom But after a hasty wedding, they soon realize their marriage of c

On a Coastal Breeze (Three Sisters Island, #2)

On a Coastal Breeze (Three Sisters Island, #2)For Madison Grayson, life is good Newly licensed as a marriage and family therapist, she can t wait to start her practice Despite the unfortunate shortage of eligible bachelors on the island they re all too young, too old, or too weird Maddie feels like she s finally found her sweet spot Not ev

Unyielding Hope (When Hope Calls, #1)

Unyielding Hope (When Hope Calls, #1)In this sweeping companion to the Hallmark TV series When Hope Calls, Lillian Walsh rushes to a reunion after discovering the sister she believed dead is likely alive But Grace has big dreams beyond anything Lillian is prepared for Can Lillian set aside her own plans and join her sister in an adve

Storing Up Trouble (American Heiresses, #3)

Storing Up Trouble (American Heiresses, #3)After Miss Beatrix Waterbury suffers multiple mishaps due to her involvement with the suffrage movement, her mother decides a change of scenery is in order for her incorrigible daughter Banished from New York, Beatrix is sent off for an extended stay with her Aunt Gladys in Chicago n nMr Norman Nes

Within Golden Bands (A Home for My Heart, #2)

Within Golden Bands (A Home for My Heart, #2)Newly married Bonny MacDonell finds the transition from American college professor to Scottish sheep farmer s wife difficult than she expected When her miracle pregnancy ends in a devastating miscarriage, she fears her husband s reaction will hurt than the loss of their child n nBut Kieran

Mustard Seed

Mustard SeedThe bestselling author of Yellow Crocus returns with a haunting and tender story of three women returning to the plantation they once called home n nOberlin, Ohio, 1868 Lisbeth Johnson was born into privilege in the antebellum South Jordan Freedman was born a slave to Mattie, Lisbeth s beloved nurs

Aiming for Love (Brides of Hope Mountain, #1)

Aiming for Love (Brides of Hope Mountain, #1)Growing up in Colorado, Josephine Madson has been fascinated by but has shied away from the outside world one she s been raised to believe killed her parents When Dave Warden, a rancher, shows up to their secret home with his wounded father, will Josephine and her sisters risk stepping into the wo

The Water Keeper

The Water KeeperA riveting new story of heroism, heartache, and the power of love to heal all wounds n nMurphy Shepherd is a man with many secrets He lives alone on an island, tending the grounds for a church with no parishioners, and he s dedicated his life to rescuing those in peril But as he mourns the loss of