The Mathematical Brain

The Mathematical BrainSynopsis nThe concept of numbers and the ability to recognize and process them is innate, part of everyone s intellectual apparatus whether they ve had formal education or not This number instinct is not dependent on basic intelligence or general knowledge, a fact which has implications for neuros

The Absolute Value of Mike

The Absolute Value of MikeMike tries so hard to please his father, but the only language his dad seems to speak is calculus And for a boy with a math learning disability, nothing could be difficult When his dad sends him to live with distant relatives in rural Pennsylvania for the summer to work on an engineering proj

Dyscalculia: Action Plans for Successful Learning in Mathematics

Dyscalculia: Action Plans for Successful Learning in MathematicsThis book provides classroom and special education teachers with an overview of maths disorders, and provides a wide range of appropriate intervention strategies It addresses the issues in a very direct and user friendly way, and provides an invaluable resource for teachers, TAs, and parents to di

Dyscalculia: Action plans for successful learning in mathematics

Dyscalculia: Action plans for successful learning in mathematicsBased on expert observations of children who experience difficulties with maths this book gives a comprehensive overview of dyscalculia, providing a wealth of information and useful guidance for any practitioner With a wide range of appropriate and proven intervention strategies it guides readers t

Thank You, Mr. Falker

Thank You, Mr. FalkerThe real life, classic story of a dyslexic girl and the teacher who would not let her fail A perfect gift for teachers and for reading students of any age n nPatricia Polacco is now one of America s most loved children s book creators, but once upon a time, she was a little girl named Trisha startin

Mathematics for Dyslexics

Mathematics for DyslexicsMathematics for Dyslexics Including Dyscalculia, 3rd Edition discusses the factors that contribute to the potential difficulties many dyslexic learners may have with mathematics, and suggests ways of addressing these difficulties The first chapters consider the theoretical background The later ch