Little Boys Come from the Stars

Little Boys Come from the StarsSardonic, subtle, and sweetly scathing, Little Boys Come from the Stars is satire at its best n nSet in an unnamed country in equatorial Africa, it tells the story of Michel, a precocious teen dubbed Matapari trouble because of his extraordinary birth Though his father is a reclusive scholar, hi

African Psycho

African PsychoIts title recalls Bret Easton Ellis s infamous book, but while Ellis s narrator was a blank slate, African Psycho s protagonist is a quivering mass of lies, neuroses, and relentless internal chatter Gregoire Nakobomayo, a petty criminal, has decided to kill his girlfriend Germaine He s planned the

Black Moses

Black MosesLONG LISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER INTERNATIONAL PRIZE n nA rollicking new novel described as Oliver Twist in 1970s Africa Les Inrockuptibles from Africa s Samuel Beckett one of the continent s greatest living writers The Guardian n nIt s not easy being Tokumisa Nzambe po Mose yamoyindo abota

Johnny Mad Dog

Johnny Mad DogA Los Angeles Times Book Review Favorite Book of the Year n nJohnny Mad Dog, age sixteen, is a member of a rebel faction bent on seizing control of war torn Congo Laokol , at the same age, simply wants to finish high school Together, they narrate a crossing of paths that has explosive results Set a

King Leopold's Ghost

King Leopold's GhostIn the 1880s, as the European powers were carving up Africa, King Leopold II of Belgium seized for himself the vast and mostly unexplored territory surrounding the Congo River Carrying out a genocidal plundering of the Congo, he looted its rubber, brutalized its people, and ultimately slashed its p

Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga

Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota BengaAn award winning journalist reveals a little known and shameful episode in American history, when an African man was used as a human zoo exhibit a shocking story of racial prejudice, science, and tragedy in the early years of the twentieth century in the tradition of The Immortal Life of Henrietta L

Letter to Jimmy

Letter to JimmyWritten on the twentieth anniversary of James Baldwin s death, Letter to Jimmy is African writer Alain Mabanckou s ode to his literary hero and an effort to place Baldwin s life in context within the greater African diaspora.Beginning with a chance encounter with a beggar wandering along a Santa Mon

Blue White Red

Blue White RedThis tale of wild adventure reveals the dashed hopes of Africans living between worlds When Moki returns to his village from France wearing designer clothes and affecting all the manners of a Frenchman, Massala Massala, who lives the life of a humble peanut farmer after giving up his studies, begin

The Madman And The Medusa

The Madman And The MedusaTwo men died the last week of June 1944 Actually, three died But the third one didn t die, miraculously perhaps Who knows The three men were, of course, acquainted When I say that the third one didn t die, I mean not the same week How and why If I told you now, you wouldn t understan