The Hunted

The HuntedLet the hunt begin After witnessing the murder of his mother by a mermaid, Prince Eryx Bloodhurst of Atlas makes a deal to sedate his need for vengeance they ll catch the mermaid who did the deed, but he ll pay for it with his crown Arelle, third princess of the Blu Sea, has never known the true

Brandon's Very Merry Haunted Christmas

Brandon's Very Merry Haunted ChristmasA Snow Globe Christmas When Brandon Havili gets recruited by the FBI, he s immediately assigned to shadow his brother and the psychic Donovan s anchored to Brandon doesn t mind this in the slightest He loves his brother, Jon seems cool, and it s a great way to learn how to be an anchor, which is

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina the Teenage WitchKelly Thompson Uncanny X Men and artist Veronica Fish Spider Woman, Archie team up to tell the story of Sabrina Spellman Sabrina is a teen witch who s struggling with balancing the double life of high school and her burgeoning powers Newly relocated to Greendale with her aunts Hilda and Zelda

Son of A (Chosen #30)

Son of A (Chosen #30)Dylan is determined to never be his father and does his best to live a life that is far removed from the life that man lived, but sometimes no matter how far he runs, he can t get away from his father s sins, and one of the biggest reminders comes in the form of a scarred and vengeful man named


RagoLieutenant Laahn ortez is about to sit down to his well deserved supper when destiny hits winged, scaled and than a little tipsy Rago is a fated mates forced proximity short story, featuring a puffing dragon shifter and a romp in the fencing hall.

Dance or Die

Dance or DieNew town, no friends, no love, new freedoms Mallory Newman now Scandal Oaks is dropped on the doorstep of total strangers after a year in Louisiana Institute, a mental hospital for the deranged Arrested in her first week she is treated like the town pariah because it s her fault some thug cop

Bone Parish, Vol. 3

Bone Parish, Vol. 3The acclaimed necromantic horror series reaches its final chapter as the gang war blows wide open on the streets of New Orleans.Every high has its comedown, and the Winters family is in for a rude awakening Once the innovator and sole dealer of the new necromantic drug that s all the rage on the

The Spellslinger (A Fistful of Daggers #4)

The Spellslinger (A Fistful of Daggers #4)Lincoln Marshall has failed The Godslayer is trapped in her worst nightmares His only chance of repairing the timeline is dead He s stuck a decade in the past with Sophie Keyes, and the world is falling apart Held captive by the Union, Lincoln and Sophie must fight to repair a timeline rapidly

Bone Parish #5

Bone Parish #5The war between the Winters and the Cartel continues its bloody rampage With the terrible power of the Ash behind them, the Winters stand a decent chance But Ash is not without its dangers, and some of them are already falling to Ash Madness

The Pursuit of William Abbey

The Pursuit of William AbbeyA hauntingly powerful novel about how the choices we make can stay with us forever, by the award winning author of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and 84K South Africa in the 1880s A young and naive English doctor by the name of William Abbey witnesses the lynching of a local boy by the

Songs from the Deep

Songs from the DeepA girl searches for a killer on an island where deadly sirens lurk just beneath the waves in this gripping, atmospheric debut novel The sea holds many secrets Moira Alexander has always been fascinated by the deadly sirens who lurk along the shores of her island town Even though their haunting

VanOps: The Lost Power

VanOps: The Lost PowerDA VINCI CODE meets TOMB RAIDER in this award winning thriller that 1 NYT bestselling author James Rollins called, A book that defines page turner Spain 1057 During a thunderous battle, the first King of Aragon wrestles Alexander the Great s priceless Egyptian weapon from the Moors, but

Photographing the Dead (Nameless #2)

Photographing the Dead (Nameless #2)A self styled artist is getting away with murder in Death Valley If all goes well, so will Nameless In part two of the Nameless series, the relentless avenger is haunted by nightmares of the past and visions of what s to come.Palmer Oxenwald s hunting ground is the Mojave wasteland His victims

The Institute

The InstituteIn the middle of the night, in a house on a quiet street in suburban Minneapolis, intruders silently murder Luke Ellis s parents and load him into a black SUV The operation takes less than two minutes Luke will wake up at The Institute, in a room that looks just like his own, except there s no

The Sun Down Motel

The Sun Down MotelThe secrets lurking in a rundown roadside motel ensnare a young woman, just as they did her aunt thirty five years before, in this new atmospheric suspense novel from the national bestselling and award winning author of The Broken Girls Upstate NY, 1982 Every small town like Fell, New York, has a