Most homeowners believe that calamities will never happen to them until they do. A tree limb falling and shattering a few windows is a minor disaster; a pinhole roof leak steadily pouring water into a dwelling, developing mildew and other ripple effects, is a major disaster. Unfortunately, too many people who have been through a major or little calamity may discover that the anguish continues when it comes time to submit an insurance claim. Lets Discuss about 5 BIGGEST MYTHS ABOUT HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE . Also Read

Myth 1: Wear and tear are covered

Fact: Fire, weather, and theft damage are often covered by insurance, but not normal wear & tear or negligence. Improta advises that you take care of your house by doing basic maintenance and avoiding pest infestations.

Myth 2: Flood damage won’t affect you

Fact: Although certain weather-related damage, such as hail, is commonly covered, Improta warns that some natural catastrophes may not be:

Floods necessitate flood insurance.

Earthquakes may be covered, but they may necessitate supplementary coverage.

Myth 3: Everything you own is covered by insurance

Fact: Homeowners insurance usually covers furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings, but more costly items like jewellery and artwork may need an add-on policy. In addition, Improta encourages homeowners to make sure that their policy limitations are appropriate for their needs by keeping a regular inventory.

Myth 4: Injuries at home are covered by your insurance

Fact: Liability coverage protects you if a guest is injured in your home, but health insurance usually covers injuries to family members at home.

Myth 5: Home Businesses Are Part of the Package

Fact: According to Improta, a home business requires business insurance to protect property damage and liabilities.

Finally, homeowners should check with their insurance provider or agent to ensure that they are completely insured in the event of a disaster, no matter how big or minor.

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